Universal Cup


The Universal Cup is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing training resources for competitive programming teams.

Competitive programming teams have been rapidly improving in skill, and problem setters have also become more experienced. Due to the growing popularity of competitive programming, competitions have become more and more intense. Therefore, training as a single individual may not be sufficient for contestants aspiring to improve as quickly as possible. Using publicly available resources can frequently be suboptimal due to a variety of factors. Therefore, we came up with the idea of holding mirror contests with undisclosed questions after official competitions by cooperating with various problem setting teams. This approach reduces the need to create new questions and avoids other negative effects caused by publishing additional resources. We hope to learn from each other and to provide more training opportunities for competitors worldwide.

Every year, with the permission of these problem setting teams, we will mirror various contests that have not been published publicly. It is expected that at least 10 contests will be held each year. We will mirror the original competition results via DOMjudge and rank teams on a combined scoreboard. We will also rank team performances across all contests to give teams a better understanding of where they rank relative to their peers.

Universal Cup Organizing Committee:

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