Registration is necessary for all participants. Every team must apply an account by submitting the information of the team and all three members. Specifically, the application information should contain the following items:

  • Team name
  • Member 1: Name, Organization, E-mail, Codeforces ID
  • Member 2: Name, Organization, E-mail, Codeforces ID
  • Member 3: Name, Organization, E-mail, Codeforces ID

Every team consists of at most three members. Every team can only apply for one account and every participant can only represent one team.


Every team should send an email to about the information mentioned above.

The committee might verify your identity through emails or codeforces private messages. After verification, we will send an email to the email address that you submit the application with the information:

  • DOMjudge User ID
  • DOMjudge Password

Modify the team information

If you need to modify any information of your team or reset the login passowrd, you only need to send email to

Please use the same email that you use to register, or we might need to verify your identity again.