Universal Cup


Participants Information

Please fill out the form below with information about all participants. If the corresponding contestant does not exist, you can leave the corresponding position blank.

  • Real Name: The real name of the participant. Anonymous participation is not allowed in the Universal Cup. Examples: Jiangqi Dai, Ming Xiao, Kenneth Absher
  • Email: The email of the participant. Your login credentials, invitation to the discord channels and other important news will be sent via email.
  • Codeforces ID: The Codeforces handle of the participant. The committee may confirm your identity by sending private message in codeforces.
  • Organization: The organization of the participant. It can be a school, college, university or a company. Please use the full, English name, of your organization. Such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Moscow State University or Peking University. Names like MIT, MSU, PKU or 北京大学 are not recommended.


  • Real Name: 该选手的真实姓名。我们不允许匿名参加 Universal Cup 的比赛。请使用姓名的英文名,例如 Jiangqi Dai, Ming Xiao, Kenneth Absher。
  • Email: 该选手的电子邮箱地址。队伍的账号信息以及其它重要信息将通过电子邮箱发送,请务必确保该项信息正确。
  • Codeforces ID: 选手的 Codeforces 用户名。 组委会可能会通过 Codeforces 的站内信来确认选手的身份。
  • Organization: 选手所属的组织。它可以是学校,公司,或者其他你代表的组织。请使用你的组织的英文全名,例如 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Moscow State University 或 Peking University。诸如 MIT、MSU、PKU、北京大学 等组织名均不推荐。

Team Information